What is the Path of Mastery?

The Path of Mastery is your individual journey to become your best self. Studies show that coaching can get you the results you're after faster and easier than on your own. That's exactly what we provide.

It is the single most important thing that you can do for yourself and the world. The more that you improve, the better your relationships will get, the more fulfilling your work will become. As you grow you become capable of contributing so much more than you could before. 

The metaphor of a "Path" is a carefully selected one. In life you will have times of ease, and times of challenge. You won't always know where you are but if you develop skills you can navigate your way in any direction you may go. The journey never ends. 

"A person who is fully built has long since stopped believing that they are a person.

They have become a universal power.

Acting in the world they cannot be taken lightly." ~Shawn Zemba

Bridge Over River

"Building optimum being in a world that won't cooperate." ~Shawn Zemba



Life rarely goes as planned. We will all face difficult moments. Pain, sickness, loss of a loved one, end of a career, these are just some of the many challenges that we may face. 

Despite hardship growth is the only guarantee that life will get better.

They say that we must step beyond our comfort zone to grow. Why is that? Because when we are among the familiar and comfortable, that means we have already adapted to it. To grow we must consistently expose ourselves to the unfamiliar so that we adapt to the new experience, just as one becomes accustomed to the coolness of being in a pool.




Do you ever feel lost? Confused? Without direction? 
Are you among the many that reads the books, buys the courses, attends the events, but remains fundamentally the same despite having more tools?

Direction comes from getting on a meaningful path. As you start to see progress, you'll begin to feel better. With decades on the path having expert guidance I can tell you that Self-Mastery is the journey that never ends.

You'll become more "You." As your mastery deepens you'll emancipate yourself through ten dimensions of development, each one building upon the last, like a pyramid; starting at the foundation which is the very core of what you are.




Everyone has their own path. Some are fulfilled with a life of simplicity, and that's beautiful. I'm more than happy to help facilitate such a journey. 
There are also those who have seen a tragedy and just wished that they could help yet they didn't know how. Even if they knew how, perhaps they looked in the mirror and sighed; "I'm just not the kind of person who can do it." 
Maybe not now, but what if you could be? How would you serve? There are innumerable challenges and you can't expect to make progress on them all. Yet each and every one deserves the help. What would you solve, if you could?


Looking Out to the Lake
Looking Out to the Lake

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