Mission Statement

We at Path of Mastery have one objective; Save The World. 

To do this we want to bring together the leding experts and researchers across many fields to create a science of Spiritual Growth, Personal Development, and Mastery. This science will be has concrete as Biology, Physics, or Chemistry. 

As this body of work is developed we will provide cutting edge training in the form of courses, coaching, immersion events, online university, apps, etc. 

As times goes on these discoveries will be integrated into all levels of society producing leaders with historic levels of development who will naturally address the issues that are dear to them. 

What needs to be done?


  1. Develop a Science of Mastery, verified through science and practical demonstration


  2. Distribute it through all levels of society via books, articles, audios, online university, local training, and coming technological advances

  3. Develop cutting edge training to help people to implement these discoveries effectively into their lives. 

  4. Create conditions where what is available will be used. This requires people to have at least 2 good meals a day, and enough energetic free time to invest in their development and working creatively on the challenges on the world.


Want to Help?

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